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PC Music Month Of Mayhem w/ GRRL

London, 05.05.22

leftfield techno electronica glitch breaks

London-based label PC Music present a month long residency on IPR that include a whole host of incredible content - audio, visual and otherworldly. PC Music’s Past, Present and Future.


  • Koreless - burself [w4rs4w edit] B4mbounou 4nd Bruce - Cr4sh P4lem4n - Mites
  • Guys Next Door - Behind the W4ll Grisch4 Lichtenberger - 1110_01_lv_1b CO/R - Agin Melt F4w
  • RVSHES - #27
  • Fr4xinus - Uplink
  • P4n Sonic - Tel4koe
  • LFO - Mum-m4n
  • Aphex Twin - Isoprophlex (AKA Isoprop4nol) Gescom - Keynell (Rmxd By Ae)
  • Autechre - L4ughing Qu4rter
  • Skee M4sk - Bre4thing Method
  • Two Shell - [round]

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