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Miedo Total

London, 10.11.21

ambient modern classical thrash

Miedo Total provides an hour long mix of his favourite tracks from the month of November, ranging from ambient and experimental, to noise and metal.


  • Miedo Total - o to know the sorest throats have sung the purest notes
  • City & i.o - -20+20-20+20-20+20-20
  • Nick Malkin - Non Smoking Room
  • Aho Ssan - Simulacrum I (FRKTL Remix)
  • Cold Mountain OST - Idumea
  • Raja Kirik - Barongan II
  • Klahrk & Lighght - MF.MT
  • LAFAWNDAH - Le Malentendu feat. Lala & Ace (Tirzah & Coby Sey Version)
  • AYA - the only solution i have found is to jump higher
  • Blackhaine & Richie Culver - DID U CUM YET
  • Hunt - Brocken Spectre (feat. Dûn)
  • Morten HD - Step Towards It
  • Sangam - Rejected Time
  • Tau Contrib - Grid Shift
  • Full Of Hell - Industrial Messiah Complex

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