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Chasm w/ miroh11111 & guia

Brighton, 25.10.21

electronica beats techno

From coast to coast echoes of distant sounds emerge from the earth like a vulcanic eruption.


  • Masahiro Hikumi - Virtual Mima 
  • ‌Bungalovv - Dragon Embryo
  • ‌The Caretaker - Plaque Advanced Despair
  • ‌Doon Kanda - Polycephaly
  • ‌Doon Kanda - Gut
  • ‌Kinn - Returning Spectre, Pt. II (Phrase in Reverse)
  • ‌Lotic - Underneath
  • ‌Nicolas Jaar - Telahumo
  • ‌Iggy Pop, Tarwater, Alva Noto - Out of the Rolling Ocean
  • ‌Lutto Lento - The Last Sweetheart

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