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Channel 2997 w/ Kozo

New Jersey, 19.01.22


Channel 2997 is a vaporwave radio hour that appears to us for one singular hour during the month through a weak tv signal with unknown origins. This static-riddled signal appears to be from a distant future, where corporations dominate all consumable media. The contents are unknown, the world is unknown, we only know what we hear, we only know what we experience.


  • 送電塔 - 地方駅1
  • Rooms Without Doors - SUNSET FOR A HARD DAY
  • from tokyo to honolulu - New Passport Control
  • b l u e s c r e e n & Chemical Hypnotist - Mios
  • New Dreams Ltd. - Blue Earth
  • Nmesh - Irregularly Scheduled Programming
  • L33K5P1N - ... It Makes Me Feel Smooth Inside
  • ビリーMadison - Cursive 私は筆記体が嫌い
  • Time Wizard - Inspirational Ending Theme™
  • FOTOshoppeツ - Copying Machine
  • TV2 - Sports at 8
  • Soul▲Craft - 砂漠の雨
  • Days of Blue [天] - 過去

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