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Asfixia w/ Tom Violence

Montevideo, 27.09.21

post punk garage rock punk

Asfixia is a radio show by Tom Violence that digs deeply into the weirdest and most hypnotic sounds of the 70s and 80s underground electronic scene from all around the world, focussing on Industrial, Minimal Wave, Synthpop, and EBM. Submerge yourself into a dark, cold, and sometimes-dancey atmosphere full of bizarre voices, trippy synths, and anxious mood swings.


  • G.T.O.G. - Anoints Plastic Ear
  • The Sophist - Attention All People
  • Cancer - 000010
  • アドバルーンズ - きちがいモーター
  • Screamers - Punished Or Be Damned
  • DNA - Lionel
  • Mars - Helen Fordsdale
  • No More - Love And Cry
  • 34 Vampires - From Underground
  • Aquila - No Point
  • Screaming Dead - Night Creatures
  • Martyr Whore - Freezing Conspiration
  • Ton Lebbink - Geen Mening - Ja-Nee
  • Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide - Breathless Hurdler
  • Penetración Cósmica - Penetración Cósmica
  • Executive Slacks - So Mote It Be
  • Jungle Bells - Flesh Flesh Flesh
  • Art Domination - Remember

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