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Année Zéro w/ Griigg & Fanny

Paris, 05.05.22

experimental electronica

Année Zéro explores the coexistence of two worlds, the one that lies and crumbles in the dark, and the one that is reborn and gives hope for better days. This first episode recalls the imbalance, seeks the limit between club music and organic melodies, broken down by chaining ambiguous and abrasive textures.


  • Alice Z Jones - Dream A6 [NIA Records]
  • migu - Descent [forth. Club Late Music]
  • Ladonna - cfs [xquisite releases]
  • City, Dis Fig & i.o - Unkind [Éditions Appærent]
  • Ghostlore of Britain - Gura, gura ar y ddôr(tapping, tapping at the door) [xquisite releases]
  • ---__--___ - Sadness, infinite America ... shit feat. Karen Ng [Orange Milk] Levan Shanidze - Sentimental Flex [Inner Most]
  • Contacto - Half-There Hypnagogy [World Canvas]
  • SKYLA - EL WA7L [xquisite releases]
  • athing - aaa [Sea Cucumber]
  • Miedo Total & Molly Turner - Painted World [self] MYEN - BEVEL KIA [Most Dismal Swamp] Queimada - Interiora x Note to Self [Rest Now!]
  • dj bingo - ur all I have [Sirens]
  • KAVARI - Flood Lights [self]
  • Evitceles - Ръцете ми са счупени [Amek Collective] KISEWA - Dang Pit [Absurd Trax]
  • Bademjan & GRIG - Derelict Body [forth. Cime] MICHELANGEL0 - Funeral March [TAR]
  • (Campfire soundscape with light rain)
  • Comechelet x jjjacob - Глибина [katharsis]
  • Lyra Valenza - Soft Shells [Terra 86]
  • ubu boi & r hunter - Proxy, Lover [Genot Centre] Internazionale - Vestiges Of Nature [Janushoved] Medulasa - Martial Horrors [eastbloc sound] Miedo Total - Death (Nigredo) [forth. Hyperlink]

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