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Adjustment Layer w/ Rose Cherami

Oakland, 13.11.21

electronica musique concrete

Adjustment Layer is a monthly show from producer Jerod S. Rivera based in Oakland, California. This show focuses on forward-thinking electronic music, including left-field electronics, ambient, computer music, and braindance. Selections focus on the side of percussion and texture, with an exploration of new sounds. The show also features guests and contributors regularly.


  • Frog of Earth - Lying Down
  • Picnic - Dewey
  • Leif - Mimosa
  • Nueen - Departure
  • LOG - LOG 2
  • BBC Enterprises Ltd. - Grinding, Beveling on a Grinding Wheel (Excerpt)
  • Perila - This Story Doesn’t Make Any Sense
  • JJ+JS - Helio’s Trip
  • Wilson Tanner - Before Lotus
  • Li Yilei - TAN
  • Ana Roxanne - Camille
  • Lord of The Isles - Inheritance (feat. Ellen Renton) (Excerpt)
  • Experimental Housewife - Wash
  • AG-VO - Sojourn (Excerpt)
  • Rose Cherami - Mixing unreleased material and remixes

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