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100.000: Asteraspace

Jakarta, 02.11.21

garage rock psychedelic rock heavy metal

Asteraspace (Jakarta, IN) has been making music since 2014 with a bass/drum noise duo, Suara Gagak. Her latest solo project, Lucy Enigma, recorded and released an EP, entitled Garu 161019 (2019). Outside of playing in bands, Asteraspace enjoys designing zines and sewing. She has grown her design and sewing interests into a sustainable fashion line, Gikamayu. She also creates magical, plant-based cuisine for her food delivery company, Wiccanggi.


  • Mum - Scratched Bicycle Smell Memory
  • Hark! It's a Crawling Tar Tar - Intro (edit)
  • David Bowie - Moss Gardern
  • Bjork - Headphones
  • Beastie Boys - Dramatically Different
  • George Harrison - Microbes
  • Black Sabbath - Spiral Architect
  • Media Distorsi - Prosa Prosa Mati
  • Radiohead- Bloom (Blawan rmx)
  • Bjork - Ancestors
  • Pink Floyd - Pow R. Toc H.(stereo)
  • David Bowie - Sense of Doubt
  • Gibly Ninja - Turbulent
  • David Bowie - Neukoln
  • Hellowar - Epidemi
  • George Harrison - Dream Scene
  • Gusmus - Bila ku Titipkan
  • Ghaust - Torchlite
  • Gusmus - Kau Ini Bagai Mana Atau Aku Harus Bagaimana

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